Saturday, 27 August 2011

Zaggora Hot Pants

the general idea of zaggora's hotpants is that using celu-lite it heats up the areas covered by the shorts.

decrease in the appearance of cellulite 
maximises the effect of exercise
studies show if worn for only 4-6 weeks, just in bed, the hotpants still have a positive effect.

now, hotpants are 44.99, and as i am a little sceptical about this, i was more than pleased to see they put out an offer on groupon today for 19.99, so purchased a pair straight away.

i have trawled the site, and read countless reviews and comments from women who have bought them. not suprisingly, the only reviews on their website are good. but so good ive been completely sucked in and cant wait to test them out.
lots of women are claiming to have lost 2 dress sizes in a matter of weeks.

now, as many of you know, i have signed up to the gym, and am on a rather strict diet to lose my remaining baby weight, and one of my main areas of concern is my bum and thighs, so hopefully, if these hotpants work as well as claimed, i should be well on my way to being a new slimline me!

when i get them through i will review them for you every couple of days, and let you know how they feel during my workouts.

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