Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Home-Made Beauty Tricks

Avocado is packed full of natural oils and nutrients. To get the full goodness from an avocado you'd have to grind down the pip, as this holds a lot of nutrients, however these quick and easy beauty recipes will brighten skin and add a glamourous sheen to hair, especially coloured locks.

Face Mask:
2x avocados (just squish the fruit down with a fork)
2 Tbspn natural yoghurt
*Leave on for 15 minutes and add cold cucumber to the eyes for added Oooohh....Aaaahhhh!

Hair Mask:
2/3x avacados
1 tbsp clear honey
Leave on for 20 minutes.


It is well known that cucumber is lush as an eye cool down, but there really is a science behind it! Cucumbers are full of atioxidants that react when chilled to sink into skin faster. Being mostly made of water, it is completely natural and light on delicate skin round the eye area, unlike tea bags, which press on the skin and can cause dark circles.

Tomato Puree

It is well known that tomato ketchup can help counteract the green tint that chlorine can give bleached hair. However, ketchup is full of preservatives, E numbers, sugars and dyes, so a better option is to opt for an organic tube of tomato puree, as it is all tomato and no rubbish to dry your ends out!

Olive Oil

Olive oil is the DON of natural beauty. Olives are so full of goodies it can be used for numerous beauty problems.
It is excellent on eczema and bby's cradle cap, reduces the look of cellulite if massaged into skin twice a day, and add some table salt and it makes a perfect scrub for hands, feet or the face! Asian women swear that it increases hair growth, so put it on lack-lustre locks or to thin eyebrows to aid growth and send nutrients to the hair follicles.

Rosemary...rosemary...rosemary....potatoes and lamb roast dinner...mmmm....
Right, so, rosemary is often associated with food, and less associated with beauty, such as lavender and rose. However, rosemary has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and healing properties, and most of us have it in our yards, even if we don't realise or use it. It is a natural remedy for speeding up healing of wounds and fungal infections, and acts as a muscle relaxant; great after a hard days work. The purest form isrosemary oil you can purchase, but here's how to make the most of the sprigs from your garden.

Either cut off 4 or 5 sprigs and simply add to your bath, or, if you'd prefer not to have twigs floating around your bath try this:

Boil the kettle and pour into a tuperware. Cut off 6 or 7 sprigs and pull the leaves off into the water, leave for 10 minutes to infuse. Strain with a sieve and add this water to your bath.

Any other remedies and treatments you know about? Drop me a message! 

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Brand Review: Models Own

this is a review of the popular brand, models own. 
as a professional beautician and manicurist and absolute nail varnish lush so i have decided to find out what the hype is about there polishes! i have painted hundreds of hands
in my time as a beautician and  have heard only good things about the brands nail lacquers so went and purchased 3 different colours recently. 2 of which are variations of my favourite shades for my nails, and 1 on trend autiumn/winter shade.....

models own in 'peach puff'
i love a good nude shade, jessica polishes are usually my favourite, so i was intrigued to see what this shade was like.
it looks a nude polish, but with 2 good coats it came out a peachy colour. still a gorgeous colour, great application but best worn with a tan!

models own 'sophie's pink'
every girl needs a nice bright pink, and this shade has over taken my favourite nails inc colour! 
sophies pink is an almost neon pink, without the tackiness, and with 2 coats and a shiny top coat it really packs a punch with a nude or monochrome oufit.

models own in 'lilac dream'
this is my on trend colour pick. pastel shades were big in spring and are popping up again for autumn to perk up our spirits and very dull skies.
this sickeningly perfect lilac shade is to die for. it gives a beautiful strong colour and as the other models own polishes, stayed chip free for ages!
try lilacs, pinks and peach pastels for the trend this time round.

all in all i definitely recommend these polishes, there are so many beautiful colours, they stay chip resistant through nappy changes, the gym, swimming and countless amounts of washing up, and at a fiver each you really cant go wrong!

remember, no polish is a great polisg unless it lies snuggly between a great base coat and super shiny, chip resistant top coat!

ta ta!

pick your favourite shade and let me know,
@modelsown on twitter

Sunday, 28 August 2011

My Body Trauma!

''Instead of giving myself reasons cannot, I give myself reasons I can''

Its a god job I'm anonymous because I'm about to unleash absolute disgust onto your poor eyeballs ladies, and send myself mental with fury as to what is posessing me to upload pictures so vile onto the WORLD WIDE web...

But embarassment, they say (they being the skinny people) wll force me to sort myself out...

So alas, here is my post pregnancy body. I am 5'1 and I was 8stone and a perfect size 10 with a pert behind and DD breats before I gave birth to my mini me. I am now a very wobbly size 12-14 with deflated boobs, saggy bum and weigh 9'10

28/08/11 9st10 

So here I am, wobble and all. 

I am on a strict diet consisting of:
Fruit salad and yoghurt
Special K and Skimmed milk
Egg white omlette

Chicken/fish and salad
Chicken/fish and steamed vegetables
Chicken/tuna and salad pitta bread

Ryvita with extra light cream cheese x2
Crudites and 1tbsn low fat hummus

I am at the gym a least 3 times a week,preferablly 4 or 5 and depending on my babys creche booking, ill have 1hr or 90mins.

1 Hour Session-
40mins cardio
20mins resistance machines

90min Session-
50mins cardio
20mins resistance machines 
20mins planks, squats, weights & toning

I have also purchased a pair of Zaggora Hot Pants, which claim to help you lose 2 dress sizes in 2 weeks and perk your bum up! I have not received these yet so don't know if they'll work at all, but will be reviewing them for you once I get them! 

Check them out at or @gethotpants on Twitter.
(I am not affiliated with this brand)

This blog post is to keep me motivated, so please, add your sucess stories, diet or fitness tips for me!

I will be uploading 'fat pictures' 4 weekly on a sunday and will add them to this blog so you can watch my progress.

Tata ladies!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

REVIEW: MUA Cosmetics at Superdrug

when a friend first mentioned she had purchased some€ 1 pound make up from superdrug, i scoffed.
being trained in make up, i like to believe i know good from bad cosmetic brands, and severely told her that any make up that was a pound a piece was either going to be made cheaply, and harsh on skin, or will lack quality and staying power.
she challenged me this, saying that if i thought better maybe i should try them, because, quite smuggly, she thought they were rather heres my review of superdrugs new one pound brand make up academy cosmetic range....

below are the pieces that i purchased, and my reviews on them.

pearl eyeshadow shades 1 and 2
i buy a lot of nuetral eyeshadows, and find, even with the expensive brands, that you sometimes have to pile on the powder to acheive any kid of colour, however, these eyeshadows, bearing in mind i was waiting for a cheap, awful product, were excellent! i did have to give my eyelid 2 or 3 sweeps, but once i did the colour was perfect, smooth and did not fade or flake all day!
pearl eyeshadows- the brights
i purchased shades 6 and 10, and wasnt expecting much from these cheaper than chips powder eyeshadows. again, i was pleasantly suprised. long lasting, and the pigment in these shadows was immense! the amount of colour i got from just one sweep was excellent.
also, used with an angled brush and a tiny dab of vaseline, they gave me the perfect bright eyeliner, 2 amazing products in a one pound package!!

lipstick shade 11
i have been searching it seems like my whole life for lipsticks that suit my skintone. i instantly fell in love with the mua lipsticks i picked up. i purchased shade 11 which was a gorgeous nudey/pink colour, and shade 1, which is a pack-a-punch red, which i honestly think would suit most skintones.
i did have to do 2 quick top ups during my work day, but applied under a slick of lipcote they'd stay all day.
all in all, very very good lipsticks. 
blusher in shade 4
this blusher has a very warm tone, and i adore the genius that made this shade. its a perfect dual blush/bronzer without meaning to be, perfect for a peachy glow for the autumn/winter. as with the eyeshadow, it has very good pigment, but this time that can be a disadvantage! apply very lightly and build your colour up, or you could end up looking like a clown.
remember: as with foundation, blusher is a cosemtic that once applied youre not supposed to see. it should look very natural. if anyone can look at you and notice youre wearing blush, youve done it to heavy.

nail polish in shade 2
this was mua's downfall, it was hard to pick a nail polish to buy. as a nail polish lush, i wasnt attracted to any of the rather garish colours. they all seemed to have a slight shimmer to them, as shade 2 did, which is a little bit 90's.
i wore this polish for one day, and after a little washing up, and nappy changing all the tips were chipped and flakey.
i dont know what i had expected for a pound, but after the other products id got my hopes up.

overall, will i be investing in more mua make up? yes....
infact, i will be adding its pieces to my professional, work make up kit as well as my personal. very very impressed, and i still have money left from a tenner!

find mua in superdrug stores, on or follow them on twitter @muacosmetics


Zaggora Hot Pants

the general idea of zaggora's hotpants is that using celu-lite it heats up the areas covered by the shorts.

decrease in the appearance of cellulite 
maximises the effect of exercise
studies show if worn for only 4-6 weeks, just in bed, the hotpants still have a positive effect.

now, hotpants are 44.99, and as i am a little sceptical about this, i was more than pleased to see they put out an offer on groupon today for 19.99, so purchased a pair straight away.

i have trawled the site, and read countless reviews and comments from women who have bought them. not suprisingly, the only reviews on their website are good. but so good ive been completely sucked in and cant wait to test them out.
lots of women are claiming to have lost 2 dress sizes in a matter of weeks.

now, as many of you know, i have signed up to the gym, and am on a rather strict diet to lose my remaining baby weight, and one of my main areas of concern is my bum and thighs, so hopefully, if these hotpants work as well as claimed, i should be well on my way to being a new slimline me!

when i get them through i will review them for you every couple of days, and let you know how they feel during my workouts.

find out more at
or follow on twitter @gethotpants

Topshop Nail Polish

Popped into Topshop this afternoon with my friend and fellow yummy mummy Charlotte, and spent a good couple of minutes lusting over the nail varnish stand.

they've got a huge range of colours, and although i do not rate clothing brands bringing out make up ranges, ive heard great things about these polishes.

they have some lovely autumn shades, such as dusty light pinks and blues, an array of nude colours and different shades of greys.

i will be purchasing a few this week, and will review the colours, application and staying power for you!


Friday, 19 August 2011

Quick Looks for School Run Mums!

A great idea from one of my tweeps!
Considering it's coming into winter, it can be hard for mums on the run to look stylish at 7am!
Taking into consideration the fact its going to be cold and grey pretty soon, and you want to be comfy yet stylish, here are my quick make up tips, and fashion picks.

5 Minute Morning Make-Up:
1) Apply a quick to sink in, tinted moisturiser, this cuts out the time of applying a moisturiser and foundation- No7 do a great one.
2) Slick  a quick coat of lipgloss, or Vaseline Rosy Lips if you don't like sticky glosses that early!
3) A coat of a good waterproof mascara, incase you forget your brolly! Rimmel do great cheap mascaras.
4) Reuse your Vaseline Rosy Lips as a subtle blusher and you're ready to go!

5 Minute Hair:
1) After washing hair, wrap in a towel while you apply your 5 minute make-up so it partially dries.
2) Pull hair down and rough dry upside down to create volume.
3) Run some mousse through your still slightly damp hair
4) Pull hair into either a sleek high ponytail, or into a high messy bun, very on trend for A/W. After the school run, before you head out for the day, pull your hair down out of the bun and you've got tousled, beachy waves for the rest of te day!

Let's face it, on the winter school run  we want to be dry, cosie and the stylish mum at the gates! Come winter, our jackets and footwear are mainly what people see, so make it are my top picks!

Throw on a pair of jeans or black leggings and a plain teeshirt or vest top to start, then add a stylish coat or knit and footwear.

taupe asymmetric jacket

classic ugg boot in sand
various prices

double breasted trench coat

autograph leather strap riding boots
marks and spencer

muddz sparkle wellies
twitter: @muddz_sparkle

black colour block swing jumper
river island

so theres my ideas for being comfy but stylish on the school run! trackies and hoodies are now banned ladies! 


Beauty from around the World...

in mexico women add crushed contraceptive pills to shampoo to boost hair growth...a little far fetched.
try mexicos top selling mascara: zan zusi roll on mascara!
the tiny roller ball gives very big lashes!
2.50 from

aussie women swear by lucas' papaw ointment.
it has been raved about my the minouges, cate blanchett and new mum miranda kerr. made from extracts of papaya, this one stop wonder balm is a cure for dry lips to insect stings.

4.10 from

millions of japanese women swear by agar flakes. this zero calorie jelly is hailed as the reason japanese women are so slim. the jelly, made from seaweed, swells in the stomach therefore curbing hunger.
its claimed eating this before meals can help you lose up to 3lb a week!
5.89 from

in russia, a cut during shaving is rubbed with a raw garlic clove to help it heal faster and without scarring.
the more glam ruski's boil and handful of dried daisies for 20minutes, and after straining, rinse their hair with the floral water to enhance blonde highlights.

brazil lends its name to a wax and a blow dry, and spends 11 times more of its income than us on beauty products. women there moisturise their hair with babussa palm tree oil.
avalon organics revitalizing peppermint conditioner has babussa oil to increase elasticity.
5.60 from


i have just discovered and instantley subscribed to glossy box. glossy box is a service that for a price of €10.00+ 2.95 postage, send you 5 products to review a month. these are tester sized products, however, if they send nail varnish samples these are usually full size!

if youre a product junkie like me, and want to test some bits and bobs out without breaking the bank, this is a great way to do it.

check out more on:

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Who's that BOY?!

the masculine look was all over the Paris Fashion Week catwalks, and has been sported by many a celeb.
If you've got an event, and want to stand out from the crowd, try a well put together masculine get-up, with feminine hair and make-up.....

Here's how to make an entrance, man style!.....

equiptment two pocket silk shirt
start with a good white shirt, a small mens shirt works perfectly as youll have the first 4 or 5 buttons undone.
this silk shirt from asos is great if you've got the money- if not, primark and matalan do good mens shirts on a budget.

passionata diamon lace bralette
under the shirt, add a bralette like the one above, if you don't want to be so risque, try a corset or bra top underneath instead.

kimi tailored chino in black
add a pair of smart, tailored black trousers such as these chinos from internet store missguided.
tuck the shirt in and pull out over the top for a smart but dishevelled look.
lizzet peep toe platform shoes in black suede
add some killer black heels like these from and youre done!

add a black fitted blazer if the weather isn't to great, marks and spencer are great value for money.

finishing touches:
whether hair is long or short, make for classic waves to stop the look coming across to sharp. wave with curling tongs and run a fine bristled brush through after to loosen.

use a dewy tinted moisturiser on skin, and a very suble blush, then chose a nude eye, and bright red lip; or a smokey black eye and a nude lip!


Helping with acne...

Acne is a awful skin condition and affects everyone from teen girls to middle age men. I am not a doctor, but I am qualified in knowledge of the skin, so will share with you my tips to helping your pimple problem...

Let's start by explaining some of the reasons and types of bad skin.
There are pustules, which I'm sure you can gather are your whiteheads, and papules, your red, irritated spots that don't come to a head, there are also the very common comodones, more widely known as black heads.

Pustules: These are filled with a white puss (GROSS) and are often common on an oily skin. The puss in a spot, just as in a wound, is an infection. They are caused by to much sebum (your skins natural oil) getting caught in pores, and the transfer of dirt to the skin.

Papules: These little papules can be found on most skin types, and can be caused by build up of sebum, or, on dry skin, can be caused by sebum getting trapped under a layer of dry skin, forming a papule.

Comodone: A blackhead, as it is more commonly known, is caused by trapped sebum in a pore. When it oxidises with the air, the visible part on the top of the skin turns black, giving it its tell-tale name.

Here are some measures you can take to help calm own/prevent spots and acne...

1) Eat a good, nutritous diet. What you put in our body will show on the outside, and that's a fact.

2) Drink 2 litres of water a day. You hear it all the time, but keeping your skin hydrated keeps it healthy, supple, and helps prevent spots.

3) Get a good, twice daily, cleanse, tone & moisturise routine. You don't have to use expensive products, Neutrogena are very good, but doing it properly, twice a day, every day will help. If you put the work in, you ill see results.

4) Don't touch your face with your hands. Yes, this is something we all do without thinking, but by thinking a bit more, you can prevent a whole heap of bacteria from being passed onto your skin.

5) Avoid having an on-face fringe. Grease and bacteria, plus residue from products, build up in our hair, and letting this sit on our faces will pass all these nasties onto our delicate skin. Also, everybody fiddles with fringes, sweeping them out of our eyes, or smoothing them down when the fit fax guy Mark walks into the office (no, only me?!), thus touching our faces!

6) Exfoliate only once a week, and do not scrub to hard, or use any scrub with large particles in. Lots of people with oily skin attempt to strip the natural oil from your skin, however this send signals to the brain telling it you're not producing enough sebum...thus making it produce more an become overactive, and your skin more oily. Use an exfoliator with small beads and massage into skin.

7) To cleanse properly, start by opening pores with  few splashes of warm water. After cleansing, splash with cold water to close pores, and always pat dry with a clean, fresh towel.

8) Rotate your pillow case every couple of days, they harbour sweat and bacteria, and lying your face on these night after night won't do you any favours. Wash with a Non-Bio detergent.

9) Any time you can, go make up free to let skin breath. This can be embarrassing, especially for teens as vanity is everything, but letting your skin have some time off to repair itself will make a lot of difference.

10) SQEEEEEEZE! Now, you really shouldn't squeeze spots because it causes the skin to break and causes scars, however, I myself cannot live with a white spot, so this is how to get rid of that infection:
*Wrap 2 fingers in clean loo roll after washing your hands.
*Steam your face over a sink of hot water, or by applying a hot towel.
*Tease the pimple from various angles, avoid doing one big squeeze.
*Once popped, continue to tease the area until it bleeds a small amount. This you know you have removed all the infection.
*Apply a dab of Tea-Tree to act as an antiseptic.

Acne make-Up
I am well aware you cannot go without make up forever, so here are my tips on make up for aggrivated skin:

1) Wait for moisturiser to fully sink in before you apply make up.

2) Avoid using powder products as these will block pores.

3) Avoid thick, heavy foundations as these will suffocate the skin, try using a product like Bare Minerals, as it gives great coverage, but is packed with minerals and nutrients, and allows skin to breath all day.
containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (the compounds used in sunscreen) mineral makeup provides a great base that won't block pores and comes with a built in spf.

4) For blusher, avoid cakey powders and try Vaseline Rosy Lips. Yes, the pink vaseline. It will moisturise skin while giving you a pink flush.

products to avoid: freederm, clean€€ and clear and clearasil. all these products dry out and dehydrate the skins lower cells.

if you are blessed with the money, a 2 weekly facial or facial massage works wonders for the skin, however in this case it is best to continue your home skincare regime with the salon products, which can work out pricey.

if symptoms continue to worsen or spread, do not hesitate to see your doctor. if you want to cut out the middle man, see a dermatologist, however you will have to pay privately otherwise you have to go through the process of lots of meication from the doctor, then a referall, then a waiting list.
plus by going privately youre gauranteed a better, more personalised service.

i hope this has helped.


Jeans for all Shapes and Sizes!

Shopping for jeans can be a chore, all the different legs, sizes, low rise, high waisted, skinny fit, slim fit, flare, boot cut, boyfriend....nothing like a simple pair of jeans these days.

The trend for the last couple of years has been the skinny jean, which became the super-skinny jean...but don't get fooled into being sucked in to current trends.  Those skinny jeans that look amazing with THAT blouse on the mannequin in the window of River Island just arn't going to look as good on your curvy frame...are they?

Well here I'm going to tell you exactly what jeans will suit your figure and your shape...

Pear Shape-Smaller top and larger hips and bottom.
Celeb Figure- Leona Lewis
Best Denim: Dark Bootcut
Stick to dark jeans to slim the figure, and balance out large hips and bums with a bootcut or flare. If you've got a bit of a tum, slightly high rise (as in the picture) are perfect. If you're blessed with a flat tum, low rise can help accentuate that.

Worst Denim: Skinny Jean- these will make your bum and hips look massive and out of proportion.

Apple- Large bust and large hips with a wide waist
Celeb Figure- Jodie Prenger
Best Denim: A dark denim again, will slim your figure, and a bootcut will balance out the large parts of you. Try a high rise to pull in your waist, and a nice skinny belt will help this problem too.

Worst Denim: Skinny Jean- As with a pear shape, you will look dumpy and out of proportion.

Hourglass- fuller bust, small waist and ample hips and bum
Celeb Figure- Kim Kardashian
Best Denim: You lucky hourglass ladies can pull off almost any shape jean. Provided you have slim legs (up to a size 10-12 approx) a skinny jean can look great, but keep them dark to slim hips ad bums. If you are rather buxom in the boob and bum department, yet still have a slim waist, a high rise, or low rise bootcut will accentuate your good points and also gives the illusion of longer legs.

Worst Denim: Keep with dark denim,  light finish will make legs and bums look bigger.

Boyish- straight up and down, not a lot of curves
Celeb Figure- Kate Moss
Best Denim: Being slim you can pull off a skinny jean perfectly, and even better, a light or colour pop denim will look awesome on your frame.

Worst Denim: A dark bootcut will make legs look long and spindley.

Basic Denim Rules:
*The lighter the denim, the bigger you look.
*High rise accentuates a slim waist
*faded denim down the front of thighs makes thights look wider
*High placed back pockets make bums look long
*Low slung back pockets make bums look pert
*There is no excuse, EVER (apart from pregnancy for comfort reasons) for anyone to buy Jeggins....they are horrendous, and make anyone under a size 8 look painfully thin, and anyone over a 10 look like a whale.
*A skinny jean will make legs appear shorter
*A bootcut jean will make legs look longer and slimmer, pair with killer wedges for a 70's vibe.

Any other questions, leave a comment!