Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Plus Size Fashion!

With the highstreets taken up by fashionable shops such as Topshop and Zara, why is it that no longer catering for normal women?
With the average dress size for women in the UK now a 14-16, why is there so little accessible to them?
Topshop jeans seem to get skinnier and the hemlines shorter and waistband waif-like, but this just isn't realistic nowa days...not unless you're 11 years old, or living on lettuce.

There is stigma attached to larger women, we all know the reasons why...'Fat, lazy and greedy'...'Get off your backside and join a gym'
Is it not possible, that a healthy, active plus size woman can be HAPPY at anything larger than a size 10, and enjoy looking good?
According to the thickle 'fashion' industry, No.

Although some highstreet shops will never make their clothes and styles accessible to the larger lady, luckily, collections and online stores are springing up with gorgeous clothes, with skinny minnie price tags!

The great thing about these stores, is because their clothes ae made specifically for plus size women, the shapes are flattering, the tailoring just right and are designed to show off your beautiful curves in the best possible way.

Here are a few gorgeous pieces from various stores:

Bespoke Jackie Dress

Bespoke Belted Princess Mac

Chino Trousers with Pleat Waist
ASOS Curve @www.asos.com

Exclusive Vest Maxi Dress
ASOS Curve @www.asos.com

Mono Floral Print Bouse

Light Brown Shrunken Blazer
(Up to size 18)

Face it ladies, if you pick up the gorgeous silk cami, made by designers for size 8 Heidi Klum look-a-likes, you're going to look awful. Shop for your shape, pick the right tailoring for plus size fashion, pick classic shapes, and you'll be looking gorgeous and stylish in no time...

Here are the basic rules:
*Always pick fitted clothes, if wearing a shirt, wear a tight teeshirt and vice versa. With a loose maxi dress, throw on a fitted blazer.

*Always nip in and accentuate your waist. Stick to skinny belts, not wide ones, and wear round the waist of a maxi dress or add as an accessory to jeans to draw attention to the waist.

*Don't be afraid of bold colours, these look best on the slimmest part of your body, to draw attention away rm the worst.

*UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES EVER wear or buy a tunic, not a dress or top. SO unflattering.

*Keep clothing simple, and sleek where biggest. No fussy neck lines on big busts, no prints on big hips and bums. Solid block colours keep you looking slim.

*Avoid wearing small prints, such as dogtooth- stick to large prints to make the illusion of minimising and area. Aztec print hot this season.

*Stand tall in a good pair of heels, and hold good posture, it pulls your wobbly bits in, and radiates confidence.

Stores featured: www.riverisland.com, www.asos.com, www.style369.com, www.simplybe.com

My next post is going to be on plus size underwear, so keep a look out!

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