Thursday, 18 August 2011

Jeans for all Shapes and Sizes!

Shopping for jeans can be a chore, all the different legs, sizes, low rise, high waisted, skinny fit, slim fit, flare, boot cut, boyfriend....nothing like a simple pair of jeans these days.

The trend for the last couple of years has been the skinny jean, which became the super-skinny jean...but don't get fooled into being sucked in to current trends.  Those skinny jeans that look amazing with THAT blouse on the mannequin in the window of River Island just arn't going to look as good on your curvy frame...are they?

Well here I'm going to tell you exactly what jeans will suit your figure and your shape...

Pear Shape-Smaller top and larger hips and bottom.
Celeb Figure- Leona Lewis
Best Denim: Dark Bootcut
Stick to dark jeans to slim the figure, and balance out large hips and bums with a bootcut or flare. If you've got a bit of a tum, slightly high rise (as in the picture) are perfect. If you're blessed with a flat tum, low rise can help accentuate that.

Worst Denim: Skinny Jean- these will make your bum and hips look massive and out of proportion.

Apple- Large bust and large hips with a wide waist
Celeb Figure- Jodie Prenger
Best Denim: A dark denim again, will slim your figure, and a bootcut will balance out the large parts of you. Try a high rise to pull in your waist, and a nice skinny belt will help this problem too.

Worst Denim: Skinny Jean- As with a pear shape, you will look dumpy and out of proportion.

Hourglass- fuller bust, small waist and ample hips and bum
Celeb Figure- Kim Kardashian
Best Denim: You lucky hourglass ladies can pull off almost any shape jean. Provided you have slim legs (up to a size 10-12 approx) a skinny jean can look great, but keep them dark to slim hips ad bums. If you are rather buxom in the boob and bum department, yet still have a slim waist, a high rise, or low rise bootcut will accentuate your good points and also gives the illusion of longer legs.

Worst Denim: Keep with dark denim,  light finish will make legs and bums look bigger.

Boyish- straight up and down, not a lot of curves
Celeb Figure- Kate Moss
Best Denim: Being slim you can pull off a skinny jean perfectly, and even better, a light or colour pop denim will look awesome on your frame.

Worst Denim: A dark bootcut will make legs look long and spindley.

Basic Denim Rules:
*The lighter the denim, the bigger you look.
*High rise accentuates a slim waist
*faded denim down the front of thighs makes thights look wider
*High placed back pockets make bums look long
*Low slung back pockets make bums look pert
*There is no excuse, EVER (apart from pregnancy for comfort reasons) for anyone to buy Jeggins....they are horrendous, and make anyone under a size 8 look painfully thin, and anyone over a 10 look like a whale.
*A skinny jean will make legs appear shorter
*A bootcut jean will make legs look longer and slimmer, pair with killer wedges for a 70's vibe.

Any other questions, leave a comment! 


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