Thursday, 11 August 2011

HD Brows

hd brows is a 7 step programme designed to give you the perfect brow.
used on many celebs such as jenny frost and nicole scherzinger, this is becoming a very popular treatment.
i myself offer eyelash extensions as one of my mobile treatments, so am looking into doing the hd brows course next year, despite it being a whopping €800-100pound!€

i am however, currently growing my eyebrows out (currently looking like hairy cattipillars trying to escpae the sides of my face), due to a pluck happy therapist.
in a couple of weeks i will be paying to get the 7 technique brow perfecting miracle done, so will report back with pictures!

I you're thinking of investing in the HD Brows treatment- GROW GROW GROW!
You dont just want your 2 weeks messy growth under your brow, you want a full, hairy, thick brow so they can really carve away at it!
Id advise, if your brows grow quickly, at least 3/4 weeks growth, if they are slower or blonde, at least 6 weeks growth.
Being impatient and getting it done before this just wont give you the look you want as seen on the website.

in the mean time, some before and after photos and information are below!
bg x
approx €25pound a treatment
salon finder on the website

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