Sunday, 28 August 2011

My Body Trauma!

''Instead of giving myself reasons cannot, I give myself reasons I can''

Its a god job I'm anonymous because I'm about to unleash absolute disgust onto your poor eyeballs ladies, and send myself mental with fury as to what is posessing me to upload pictures so vile onto the WORLD WIDE web...

But embarassment, they say (they being the skinny people) wll force me to sort myself out...

So alas, here is my post pregnancy body. I am 5'1 and I was 8stone and a perfect size 10 with a pert behind and DD breats before I gave birth to my mini me. I am now a very wobbly size 12-14 with deflated boobs, saggy bum and weigh 9'10

28/08/11 9st10 

So here I am, wobble and all. 

I am on a strict diet consisting of:
Fruit salad and yoghurt
Special K and Skimmed milk
Egg white omlette

Chicken/fish and salad
Chicken/fish and steamed vegetables
Chicken/tuna and salad pitta bread

Ryvita with extra light cream cheese x2
Crudites and 1tbsn low fat hummus

I am at the gym a least 3 times a week,preferablly 4 or 5 and depending on my babys creche booking, ill have 1hr or 90mins.

1 Hour Session-
40mins cardio
20mins resistance machines

90min Session-
50mins cardio
20mins resistance machines 
20mins planks, squats, weights & toning

I have also purchased a pair of Zaggora Hot Pants, which claim to help you lose 2 dress sizes in 2 weeks and perk your bum up! I have not received these yet so don't know if they'll work at all, but will be reviewing them for you once I get them! 

Check them out at or @gethotpants on Twitter.
(I am not affiliated with this brand)

This blog post is to keep me motivated, so please, add your sucess stories, diet or fitness tips for me!

I will be uploading 'fat pictures' 4 weekly on a sunday and will add them to this blog so you can watch my progress.

Tata ladies!

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  1. From a 32 week pregnant lady, I say good luck and well done for uploading your "fat pictures". :-D