Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Michelle Keegan...

Michelle Keegan is my anti girl crush at the moment.
After winning the Sexiest Soap Female award 3 years in a row....I am again asking myself why?

I'm not doubting she is pretty, she is an attractive girl, however she always seems a little over done?
BIG lashes, BIGGER hair and a rather orange tan. Add this to tiny dresses and a mega-watt smile, and you have a combination to make a modern day Dolly Parton surely?

In this day and age of photo shopping, size zero, boob jobs and so on, I think these girls in the public eye should look pretty, but that much fakery and 'look at me' slapped across one young face can make average teenage girls feel inadequate and like they need all the fakery to be perfect.

Michelle....take a note....
You look much nicer like this.......


Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Perfect Pressie...

I've found the PERFECT girly pressie for Xmas treats!......

Courtesy of Studio, these pretty swirly vodka bottles can be personalised with a name and message, and pay a little extra and get it in a gorgeous dark pink display box lined with faux satin....

I've already ordered one for my Sister In Law! (£24.99-29.99)

Studio Online and Catalouge

MUA Make Up Academy Professional....

I have done a previous review on MUA Cosmetics and found the quality to be of a good standard considering the products are only £1 each.

See my first review here
They have now bought out a Professional range, slightly more expensive than the first range, but still of excellent prices. Hopefully this range with far better the great 1st range they gave us!

They have been lovely enough to send me some samples of the new Pro Products, so watch this space for when they arrive....

My next MUA blog post will include product reviews, wear and tear tests, crying tests, sweat tests and more! As well as full make up tutorials for the perfect face of make up using their products...

Watch this space ladies....


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Stylist Pick....

So, Cheryl Cole has designed a range of heels for Stylistpick.com......
                    What is Stylist Pick I hear you cry?..........
  A website where you fill in a questionnaire about your tastes and preferences towards fashions then gives you opinions on the shoes from their collections that you may like....

Here is their opinion of me after I filled in the questionnaire.....

I must say the 'My Showroom' part of the site, supposedly made up personally for me on the answers I gave, didnt impress me. I only liked 1 pair of the shoes out of 10....

Well worth a look at the rest of the site though as its great for anyone with a bank-banging shoe habit!



I have done posts on Missguided.co.uk before, so this is an update of their new A/W collections.
It is definitely my favourite online store, with great customer service, quick and cheap delivery and good quality products that dont cost the earth....

These are my latest picks for Autumn/Winter:

  • Alina Platform Soft Suede Ankle Boots In Stone

  • £27.99

    • Lucyna Lace Up Shoe Boots In Tan

Armari Detachable Shearling Trim Aviator Jacket

Bobby Button Front Wool Cape In Grey

Virgie Bow Detail Zip Around Purse In Pink

Ditta Longline Faux Fur Gillet


Wednesday, 21 September 2011


I moved back from Portugal in October 2009 after living there 4 months....

I practically lived on Nestea Iced Tea Manga e Anannas (Mango and Pineapple) and cannot, in my almost 2 years of being back here, find it to buy ANYWHERE......  :(

Ive tried whole foods, foreign food stores and obviously Google, but I just can't find it anywhere and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it....



Quote Of The Month...

"I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and... I believe in miracles." - Audrey Hepburn

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Current Girl Crush.....

Frankie Sandford of the girl group The Saturdays well and truly holds this titled right now....

Frankie has a very laid back style. Chic blazers, great fitting jeans and perfect accessories
 and in summer cute vests and daisy dukes!
The effortless styling she has adopted will never go out of style, and makes for easy outfit choices 
every morning as she has a capsule wardrobe of staple items and good quality basics.

Her hair is a whole new story. With petite features and gorgeously tanned skin, Frankie pulls off the short haired style better than even Mrs Beckham her self. Talk to most hairdressers and they'll confirm that 'The Frankie' was the most sought after haircut of the last couple of years.
In fact I had it a couple of years ago and am about to go back to it but with a softer colour, as before it was black.
The feminine length of the cut on one side, against the shorn adjacent side gives
 major impact, but by keeping the colour soft with caramel tones it stays girly.....

I also LOVED Frankies hair in her pixie crop, not right after the cut, but once it had grown slightly, however shes now added extensions to go back to her trademark 'do, above.

PLUS she has a serious shoe habit....girl after my own heart!!

Well and truly taken Kim Kardashians crown this month....


Coleen Rooney for Littlewoods

I've always watched Coleen Rooney's style and was pleasantly surprised to hear she was teaming up with Little woods, this will be her 3rd collection I believe....if I'm not wrong?

This newest collection is by far my favourite, here are some of my favourite pieces....

Bodycon jersey Dress
This dress is perfect for a curvy figure. It creates the illusion of a pulled in 
waist due to where the stripes lean, and being mainly black will hide any lumps and bumps!

Black Skater Skirt
Skirts of this shape are better off on slim girls, as wide hips or a
 heavy bum will pull the skirt up and make it hang the wrong way.
 Tuck in a loose white vest or dress it up with a blouse such as the one below.

Leopard Print Blouse
Suits everyone, brings out a tan, adds some playfulness to
 a dressed up or corporate look.

Ruched Sleeve Jacket
A good blazer is worth its weight in gold, and this one is a rather good price
 for a gorgeous cut. Done up it will pull you in at the waist. The beige tone is a
 perfect hue for every skin tone. Dress it down with dark blue skinnies, a loose white vest and pumps or heels a' la Frankie Sandford, dress it up as Coleen has done for a smarter daytime look, great 
for sophisticated ladies. Or throw it over a shirt and trouser combo for an office look.

So they are my favourites...take a look at all Coleens collections at Littlewoods

Monday, 19 September 2011

Trial: Teeth Whitening

Today at the Olympia Beauty Show we got a great deal of a teeth whitening system for £40 instead of £120.

Im going to use this system for a week and chart the results for you!

In the kit you get 1 bottle of teeth whitening solution gel, 1 colour chart, 1 booklet and 1 page of clear strips.

You apply the gel to the teeth with a cotton bud, cover with one of the clear plastic strips (or a mouth guard) and leave for 30 mins.

The Kit

My teeth before the system

During the system, wearing the clear strips over the gel

After 1 30minute session....

I absolutely promise this is done in the same room, same light, same camera and no flash on.
Quite good for only 1 half hour session eh?!

Will review fully after the 7 days lovelies


HOW TO: Glitter Nails

So today at Olympia, if you've read my previous post you'll know we purchased some nail glitters.
Not exactly nail glitters, Helen E Cosmetic Glitter Pots....

Here's my HOW TO on doing glitter nails....

Helen E Glitter Pots
(Benefit, Barry M and many other brands do glitter pots)

A very good base coat, I used OPI.

1. File your nails to desired length, short and square looks best for glitter nails!
2. Buff your nail bed
3. 'Squeak' the nails with nail polish to remove dust
4. Give a thick coating of base coat
5. Dip nails into the glitter pot and tap excess off
6. Using a make up brush, wipe away the extra glitter.

DO NOT cover with a top coat. Yes it will chip faster, but a top
 coat dulls the glitter and makes the nails look thick and gloopy.

The Result:

My Olympia Buys!

So, my only purchase at the Olympia Beauty Show today were nail polishes....

Essie- Glamour Purse
OPI- Honk If You Love OPI
OPI- Stranger Tides
Essie- Innocent

Helen E Cosmetics Glitter Dust
These are supposed to be used as make up but we 
purchased them as nail glitters!

OPI- Honk If You Love OPI & Helen E Gold Glitter Dust
I LOVE the colour of this OPI polish, I've been looking for ages for
 the perfect dark purple and this is it! Its from the new Touring America Collection.

Same as above...Excuse my chubby feet!

Essie- Glamour Purse is a gorgeous taupe colour. 

I haven't got the pictures yet of the pink Essie (innocent)
 but i have used it an it's a beautiful dusty pink.



As you all know I am a beauty professional, so today I am off to the Olympia Beauty Trade Show in London.
Can't wait to see all the new goodies the brands are showing off and picking up new secrets!

I'm purposely not taking any money with me apart from train fare.....theres a chance I could go bankrupt otherwise!

Update you later on the show!


I shouldn't have.....but i did.....

So, im on my 3rd day wearing my Zaggora HotPants, and I vowed not to measure myself until day 14, the last day of the 2 week challenge.

But there I am this morning, innocently opening my kitchen drawer to take out my purse and the measuring tape just jumped out and wrapped itself round my thighs like a boa-constrictor.....thus letting me know that in 2 days I have lost 1/2 inch from all my measurements!!!

Can't wait to see what my measurements are after 2 weeks!

Check out my on-the-side weight loss blog here, Its mainly for my benefit of keeping a diet diary, but you can follow my progress with Zaggora HotPants.....



Sunday, 18 September 2011

My Ink....

This is my oldest tattoo, I got it done at 16 and hid it from my mother for ages!
Its discoloured and faded now, and has a couple of stretch marks through it from having my bean, so desperately need to get it fixed. To be honest If i had the money I'd get it removed, I'm really not fond of it!

This one has a story behind it.... originally I went to get 3 blue stars on my wrist like Sienna Millers on her shoulder(above), however the guy who did it stuck the needle in to far and after a couple of week the blue bled out leaving me with a faded looking ink and a bruised looking wrist. I went to get it 'fixed' and a tattooist told me the stars would have to be black, but that she'd put a flash of pink through them.
I later got 'If I Can Dream' put above the stars (as i hated them) because it is mine and my mamas favourite song (Elvis Presley). Again, I'd get rid of this one too if I could.

This, my biggest to date run down from the base of my neck, over my shoulder to the top of my arm.
I do like it, and got it done whilst living in Portugal.
It say 'Explore, Dream, Discover' in Latin.
Very appropriate for the lifestyle i was leading at the time.
My only fault is that I wish it was slightly smaller, it looks a bit masculine so I am going to get some filigree put around it.

I also, STUPIDLY, had my then boyfriends initials tattoo'd on my ankle and got that covered up for obvious reasons.....

What ink do you have, and do you regret them?!


Foxy Locks

Foxy Locks Hair Extensions are clip in extensions made by creator Imogen.
They create length and volume and are Remy hair, the best quality hair for extensions you can get.

Foxy Locks come in a wide range of colours and lengths.
Even more glorious and glamorous is Imogen has a blog, and YouTube channel where she shows you hundreds of ways to style, maintain and care for your new extensions.
Celeb hair styles, Up-Do's and sleek sexy straight hair....
Whatever mood you're in, clip in your silky Foxy Locks hair and log onto Imogens YouTube channel to find whichever quick, easy and fabulous hair style that sums up your mood.

This is just one of the many gorgeous looks you can achieve with Imogen's help and her beautiful extension range.

My Eyebrows!!!

So, I have been growing my eyebrows out for about 7 weeks because they were too thin and out of shape.

Here are my new brows! I went to a small local salon which does threading (Asian ladies are always the best!)
In this picture it makes them look different widths but they're not really.
They've got a lovely arch, are a nice width for my facial features and since this photo I have tinted them so they match my darker hair colour....

Really do recommend threading to everybody, you can't get definition like it x