Saturday, 13 August 2011

Celebs Before and After Botox!

Its become the norm to see celebs with shiny heads, to-high eyebrows and no expression.
You'd think with all that money be able to pay for the best, but somehow some of them still ended up looking botched.

From Botox parties on reality tv shows, and it becoming more and more popular, and us every day, ordinary women are dabbling in this youth preserving treatment.

here are a few celebs who look younger then when they were...well...younger!

so, will you become a needle friend? personally im trying it out at xmas, my pressie to myself! im in my early 20's, i dont need it...but i cant well blog what im not willing to try eh?!

comment me and let me know your thoughts! x


  1. i think that if u want to have botox then why shouldnt u?! its ur body so go for it! if it makes u feel better in urself then for sure its a good thing :) xxx

  2. My thought is, why get botox if you don't need it? Waste of time and money :) just think of all the fashion and beauty products you could buy with the money you would use on botox.I mean,fair enough,if someone is aging and are looking a bit 'tired' then go for it.The outcome will be amazing.As Courtney Cox has shown.She is gorgeous but you could age was showing :) Angelina Jolie on the other hand,she's always beautiful so why she felt the need I don't know.Not a crows foot in sight! To me,botox shouldn't be used just for the fun of it..make the most of your natural youth and when the time does come where you have crows feet and lines..go for it :) xx