Sunday, 14 August 2011


1. Dab concealer over lips to give a matte, even colour.

2. Using the correct colour liner, use small feather like strokes to line the natural lip:
NEVER line over the natural lip line
NEVER try to line lips in few long're not drawing!

3. Using a good lip brush, colour your lips with your chosen colour

4. Open lips (like in picture!) and hold a tissue over one lip, then the other to blot
NEVER roll tissue between the lips as most people think is correct

5. Apply, again with the brush, another layer of the bright lipstick

6. Again with step 4, but blot very lightly to avoid taking to much colour with the tissue

7. To keep the look soft, lightly blend at the lip line with your finger.
Alternatively for a bolder look, apply 2 coats of clear gloss (with no shimmer)

The key to wearing a strong lip, is to play down make up on the rest of the face. You do want flawless looking skin, but trying to achieve this by plastering on foundation is never a good look. Use a good concealer only where you need it, then use a tinted moisturiser to keep skin looking dewy and fresh. Lay off the bronzer and blusher and grab for the Vaseline; they do a rose tinted balm, which is perfect for a dewy, very slight pink for the cheeks. Use mascara on the eyes, clear, if youre brave enough as it'll really make the lips pop, if not, a thin coating of lashes will look vampy with a bright lip.

I have tried and tested quite a few bright lip looks, and you can get a whole bright lip-kit from Barry M Cosmetics!

Lip Liner in Fuschia 

Lip Paint in Shocking Pink

Clear Gloss

Et Voila!


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