Saturday, 27 August 2011

REVIEW: MUA Cosmetics at Superdrug

when a friend first mentioned she had purchased some€ 1 pound make up from superdrug, i scoffed.
being trained in make up, i like to believe i know good from bad cosmetic brands, and severely told her that any make up that was a pound a piece was either going to be made cheaply, and harsh on skin, or will lack quality and staying power.
she challenged me this, saying that if i thought better maybe i should try them, because, quite smuggly, she thought they were rather heres my review of superdrugs new one pound brand make up academy cosmetic range....

below are the pieces that i purchased, and my reviews on them.

pearl eyeshadow shades 1 and 2
i buy a lot of nuetral eyeshadows, and find, even with the expensive brands, that you sometimes have to pile on the powder to acheive any kid of colour, however, these eyeshadows, bearing in mind i was waiting for a cheap, awful product, were excellent! i did have to give my eyelid 2 or 3 sweeps, but once i did the colour was perfect, smooth and did not fade or flake all day!
pearl eyeshadows- the brights
i purchased shades 6 and 10, and wasnt expecting much from these cheaper than chips powder eyeshadows. again, i was pleasantly suprised. long lasting, and the pigment in these shadows was immense! the amount of colour i got from just one sweep was excellent.
also, used with an angled brush and a tiny dab of vaseline, they gave me the perfect bright eyeliner, 2 amazing products in a one pound package!!

lipstick shade 11
i have been searching it seems like my whole life for lipsticks that suit my skintone. i instantly fell in love with the mua lipsticks i picked up. i purchased shade 11 which was a gorgeous nudey/pink colour, and shade 1, which is a pack-a-punch red, which i honestly think would suit most skintones.
i did have to do 2 quick top ups during my work day, but applied under a slick of lipcote they'd stay all day.
all in all, very very good lipsticks. 
blusher in shade 4
this blusher has a very warm tone, and i adore the genius that made this shade. its a perfect dual blush/bronzer without meaning to be, perfect for a peachy glow for the autumn/winter. as with the eyeshadow, it has very good pigment, but this time that can be a disadvantage! apply very lightly and build your colour up, or you could end up looking like a clown.
remember: as with foundation, blusher is a cosemtic that once applied youre not supposed to see. it should look very natural. if anyone can look at you and notice youre wearing blush, youve done it to heavy.

nail polish in shade 2
this was mua's downfall, it was hard to pick a nail polish to buy. as a nail polish lush, i wasnt attracted to any of the rather garish colours. they all seemed to have a slight shimmer to them, as shade 2 did, which is a little bit 90's.
i wore this polish for one day, and after a little washing up, and nappy changing all the tips were chipped and flakey.
i dont know what i had expected for a pound, but after the other products id got my hopes up.

overall, will i be investing in more mua make up? yes....
infact, i will be adding its pieces to my professional, work make up kit as well as my personal. very very impressed, and i still have money left from a tenner!

find mua in superdrug stores, on or follow them on twitter @muacosmetics


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