Saturday, 13 August 2011

Colour Pop Eyes!

my quick colour pop eyes!

you will need:
eyeshadows *preferablly a palette of one colour in different tones.
white eyeshadow
nude eyeshadow
eyelash curler
black eyeliner 

1. prepare a clean, makeup free eye with a nude eyeshadow (this is usually a brown, taupe or gold).
blend this right from the lid up to the brow.

2. use a white shadow, preferably with a sligh shimmer, just under the arch of your brow. blend this into the nude shadow.

3. use the lightest tone of your chosen colour, and apply all over the lid to just above the crease. blend well.

4. use the mid tone of your chosen colour, and using a brush apply within the last 3rd of the crease of the eye. the easiest way to do this is to open the eye, and run the brush in the crease.

5. using the darkest/most vibrant tone of your chosen colour, wet a thin brush (this pigments the colour turning it into a liquid eyeliner) and line over the top, and under the bottom lashes.
to avoid these looking to harsh, blend with a cotton bud to soften.

6. line the upper and lower inside lash line with black eyeliner and curl lashes carefully. apply 3/4 coats of waterproof black mascara. this looks better if it is not clumpy.

take a dry, large eyeshadow brush, and lightly blend over all the colours so soften and prevent a clown like harsh looks! 

when experimenting with colour pop eyes, avoiding looking like kat slater by keeping skin dewy, with a tinted moisturiser, nude lips, and a very very subtle blush.
(a tiny smudge of rose vaseline on the cheeks is perfect to compliment this look!)


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  1. Love this!!!
    May have to give it a go :D

    Nicola xx