Thursday, 11 August 2011

Hair for a heart shaped face! For N.P x

A heart shaped face is unique, and, cliched as it sounds, its a heart!.... you have a loving personality and your face shape and the way features sit on it, gives a great sense of warmth and friendliness.

Now this is a blog for a general heart shaped face, but obviously for my lovely twitter follower, so bare with me...

N.P: You have an extremely beautiful face, professionally speaking of course!
You have gorgeous features and well groomed eyebrows, and because of this, depending on how daring you are, I would suggest a crop!
It makes a helluva statement, and face it, any girl can have long hair. When you have all the right aesthetics, show them off.

Plus it is proven that men prefer a short cut on a beautiful woman because it shows maturity, confidence, and its different!
When 1st told my fella I was having the chop he hated the idea, but says its the sexiest ever looked!
*as proved by my fella and his mates, currently holding poker night in the dining room....

I have trawled images, and believe this cut, as seen on Sarah Harding, would look absolutely gorgeous!
Remember, its not masculine, its incredibly sexy to a man to see a woman with confidence. Add gorgeous lashes, good mkeup, and you're ready to go!

Heart Face Shapes Do's and Don'ts
*Dont cut a blunt fringe
*Dont get short layers around the face
*Do start layers at the jawline
*Dont cut blunt ends, always thin out the hair
*Do go for daring crops
*Dont let long hair hang without movement

Remember, a good colour perks up every haircut!

Hope this helps a tad!

BG x

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  1. Thank you so much for all your help :D