Sunday, 31 July 2011

Beauty Must Have!...

egyptian magic cream
this is a wonder cream!
it looks alot like vaseline, and can be used as a moisturiser, is great for healing burns and scars, is great as an intensive hair mask and for eczema and psoriasis.
it is loved by many celebrities and is made of entirely pure and natural ingredients, and is hailed as an anti ageing miracle!
used by madonna and kate hudson, it is said to be the formulation that keeps egyptian woman looking young and supple despite their time in the sun.
after using this for only 4 days, twice a day, i have absolutley seen an improvement in the condition of my skin. its is more supple, and silky smooth.
i would advice using twice a day, but because it is quite greasy, it does not sit nicely under make-up.

i think this is most definately going to be my new staple skin care item, note it can also be used as a cleanser.

you can get 3ml sample sachets for €€a pound on ebay if you want to try before you buy.

absolutley reccommend it!


Lust List!

Here are my next 2 purchases!
Both from, a firm fave of mine for online shopping!

Mid Length Skater Skirt

White Blazer

My Latest Purchases!

These are my latest online buys! It may b nice hot a he minute, but bfore we know it the Great British Winter will be back in full force so stocking up!
I'm loving, and for online shopping at the moment, great basics and on trend fashions for less than on the highstreet!

Grandad Style Cardigan

Love this soft oversized knit, perfect for the transition into A/W! So snug

Brown Skinny Jeans

These brown skinny jeans are a great alternative to standard blue jeans.
Also available in Camel, Mocha and Grey

Pink Skull Print Scarf

I'm mad about scarfs! I have loads, this skull print one will add a zing of colour to a nude outfit.

Kimono Jacket in Burnt Orange

I'm loving the oriental trend at the minute, but the gorgeous kimonos found on the highstreet are £40 upwards.
This burnt orange kimono is a fraction of the cost and will look great paired with jeans and a white vest!

Ladybird Pink Winter Coat

Last Winter my baby was to young to wear fashion, and was in the cutest all-in-one all winter. This season she'll be in this uber cute little coat I've bought her!

Converse All Stars

She's also just taken her first steps! So for when she's confident and running around I've bought her these ridiculously cute All Stars! Trendy Baby!

Friday, 29 July 2011

Beauty Essentials

Just like your wardrobe there are certain essentials everyone should have in their make up bag.

One of my past times when I meet someone is to have a rummage through their make up, and I'm often bewildered at the amount of wrong colours, wrong tones and old mouldy cosmetics people hoard....

So here are my tips and my essentials to a good make up bag!

1.Buy A Cooler!
Pretty make up bags are lovely to slip in your bag, but or your home make up bag advise buying a little lunchbox cooler bag. The cool environment will keep fluids at the perfect consistency to apply, and keep make up fresh. Another advantage is that they wipe clean easily, so no germs!

2. Halo Antibacterial Wipes
I keep a mini pack of Halo antibacterial wipes in my cooler bag so I can wipe clean lids and the inside of the bag.


1. A Good Concealer

A good concealer should be a  shade lighter than your skintone, and a paste or block, never a fluid. I do not rate these concealers that come in lipstick packaging.
I use Bo-ing by Benefit. Perfect coverage in a range of shades.

2.Mineral Make Up 

I think everyone should invest in Bare Minerals Make-up. excellent for all skin types as it skin breathe and look cakey.

3. An Under Eye Concealer

Lemon Aid by Benefit is a yellow concealer, perfect for undereye dark circles. This is the only one I recommend.

4. Tinted Moisturiser

I don't like foundation. Not sure why people slap it on. If you don't like your skin, use something light and good for it that cause more spots. I love NO.7 Tinted Moisturiser, good for the skin with a good coverage

5. Vaseline

Everyone should have Vaseline, for lips, and a subtle sheen t eyes and cheeks as well as dry skin.

6. A Good Mascara

I recommend Rimmel for great length and minimal clumps.


I use Nars Blush in Orgasm, its a perfect peachy pink colour and suits most skin tones.
Apply a tiny sweep at a time and build up the colour, its easier to add then to take away!

8. Blotting Paper

Lots of people make the mistake of using transluscent
Powder to matte shiny skin, however this can make yu look cakey and powdery, resulting in an old make up look.
Invest in some blotting papers to help contol sine throughout the day without piling on powder!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

10 things i love...

1. My Daughter, understandably, more than anything in the world. is the biggest achievement of my life by far. Her beauty suprises me every day, I couldn't love anything more. Ever.

2.Lauren Moshi
My current designer crush...

3.Tattoos On Women
Proper tattoos, not piddly little things, tastefully done, weaved together, not everyones cup of tea.

4.Albufeira, Portugal
Where moved to for 4 months and fell pregnant with my daughter. The heat, the people, the lifestyle.
I miss it!

5.Kim Kardashian
One of these women that seems to have been born with more beauty than any one woman deserves.

6.Johnsons Skincare
If its pure enough for my baby, is good enough for my skin

7. My Best Friends.
For obvious reasons.

8.My Hair Extensions
Naked without them.

9.My Wedding
No, not married, but every detail of my wedding is planned  perfection....(*INSERT MAN HERE)...

10.Kurt Geiger
My favourite shoe brand.

Truffle Shuffle!

I've bought a few things off Truffle Shuffle in the past, but have just rediscovered it! 
Love their fab range of vintage inspired teeshirts and sweaters.

Perfect for a british rainy day lunch date, pick an edgy sweater, add a pair of leggings and some low rise Converse, pair of RayBan aviators and a messy bun and VOILA!

Here are  few of my faves from he current web collection:
*All priced between £20-30

I Heart Lauren Moshi

So, I've discovered Lauren Moshi!

I bought my first vest (black vest with a motorbike motif) last week, and WOW!
I'm in love!

Her 'festicool' teeshirt designs  (that's festival-cool!) are dark and edgy, but thrown over a pair of skinnies and some sky-scraper heels they look wonderfully chic!

Here are a few o my favourite Moshi A/W pieces..

My Top 5 Fragrances

Here are my top 5 fragrances!
Some are sweet floral scents for summer, and a couple are my muskier scents for autumn winter x

                .  .  .  .  .  . My Summer Scents:

Marc Jacobs Daisy

Viktor and Rolf Fowerbomb

Marc Jacobs LOLA

My Autumn/Winter Scents

Gucci by Gucci
This is my staple absolute favourite smell!

Cleb Scent!
Fergie Outspoken


Here are some of my top picks for this month for the kiddies!

All these items can be purchased from

So this is what I'm getting for my daughter for Christmas this year...

All Things Nice Tee
£14 RRP On Sale@SpoiltBrat

Vivienne Westwood Baby Jelly Shoes
£60 in a variety of colours!

And for the boys....!

These vintage cartoon inspired tee's are my favourite! 
In  world of Ben 10 and The Backyardigans, these nostalgic teeshirts will remind you of the good 'ol days, even if your little one remember them!

Fabric Flavours Teeshirts
All RRP £16
ON SALE for £8 @SpoiltBrat

diet: weight loss supplements

meratol weight loss supplement

i have been using meratol weight loss pills for just over a month and completely believe they have helped me shed just under a stone.

the first week i took them i ate my normal (not so healthy) diet and still losy 4lbs!

ive tried a lot of weight loss pills and supplements that are fads and claim to do wonders but do not work!

some of these include:

if youre looing to lose weight like me, i highly recommend buying a 60 capsule tub of meratol.
take them along with adopting a healthy diet and, personally speaking, they do work!

check out the website:

bg x

DIET: Bubye Pizza :(

this is me, weeping behind the camera, bidding a fond farewell to junk food, saturated fats, carbs, and anything else that will stick to my arse.

so, after having my wonderful, light of my life daughter, i have been horribly lazy with disasterous effect.
i still have about 1stone of baby weight to shed, and it starts tomorrow morning!

i am going to adopt a very sensible diet, and on 4th july i will be joining my local gym!

my average old diet:
breakfast- none
snack- biscuits
lunch- soup and lots of bread and butter
/white tuna sandwich
snack- biscuits/crisps/chocolate
dinner- pizza/ kebab/ mexican/ pasta

my new diet!:
breakfast- special k/ homemade juice
snack- bluieberries/pineapple slices
lunch- grilled chicken or fish salad
dinner- grilled chicken stirfry

so, at this point i weigh 9stone 10lbs and want to get done to 8stone 5-8lbs

ill weigh in every week on a thursday and let you know how im getting on!

bg x


DIET: Jason Vales 7lb in 7days

review: jason vale's 7lbs in 7days juice detox

last week i embarked on the famous juice detox by the juice master jason vale, who helped katie price lose 2stone in 3months after her pregnancies.

the idea of the detox is you feed your body with all the fresh, raw nutrients from fruits and vegetables that you juice together to make your meals.

yes, it may seem extreme, but after reading the book, which you really do need to read, cover to cover before you embark on this detox, you will recognise the benefits and long term healing you are giving your body through doing this 'diet'.

you need to prepare, prepare, prepare before you do this diet. there is an extensive shopping list of fruit and vegetables, and you need to ivest in a good qaulity juicer. the book reccomends a phillips juicer, but i purchased a cheaper cookworks juicer which worked perfectly for me. the cost of fruits and veg can seem expensive but it was still cheaper than my usual weekly shop. 
after research i found that asda or tesco have the cheapest produce, but if possible try get down to a market as this works out a helluva lot cheaper!

so, to the diet! 
the 2nd day is the hardest, the 1st day youre all pumped up and ready to get started, by the second day i was slightly hungry and lacking energy.
but fear not! by the 3rd day i felt great, the juices are gorgeous and i really felt lighter, physically and mentally!

it takes a lot of willpower, but if youre willing to do it, want to look better, feel better about yourself it is an excellent detox.

during the week read jason vales turbo charge your life book, so you can prepare yourself for after the 1st 7 days and can keep the weight off for good.

however, i did the 7 day detox and lost 8lbs in total, and have adopted a healthy eating plan since and have kept it off and lost another 2lbs!

happy dieting girls!
bg x

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