Saturday, 13 August 2011

I WILL be a yummy mummy!


so, this week i sttart the gym.
my daughters 14 months old and ive still got about 20lb to lose, and a helluva lot of toning up to do before im decent to be seen naked again.

ive joined my local leisure center, and am calling tomorrow to book my babe into the creche.
i'm aiming for 4x a week, and hopefully this will be easier now ive quit smoking.... who was the 40 a day'er, has stopped. cold turkey, 4 days now and intend to keep it up.

im also, obviously, starting a strict diet of soups, salads, chicken, fish and steamed veg....lovely!

im going to attempt a mainly mediterannean diet, i guess theyre slim and living longer for a reason. hopefully, this paired with cardio and weight training down the gym will help me become the sexy yummy mummy i am inside....

and give my ex/father of my child...a massive emotional hit in the bol*ocks!!

how have you lost weight, baby weight or general? share your success storiesa and help me out!

bg x

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