Sunday, 4 September 2011

My Body Trauma: Wk 1

If you've read my first post titled My Body Trauma (click the link to read) then you'll know I'm on a chubby, podgy, very wobbly mission to shed my remaining baby weight.

So tomorrow I'm on to week 2, and it MUST be better than week one!!
I slipped up quite a few times this week, however, usually when I slip up the fat girl on my shoulder says
'' well you've ruined it now, we'll start next monday properly''
I am VERY proud to say, I did not let my mini choc muffins and marmite on toast beat me. I got back on the wagon first thing the next day.

I didn't miss any gym sessions, and although I only managed 3 days this week, I worked bloody hard during those 1.5hr sessions.

I've cottoned onto how to use the PowerPlate, and have started using them now at the end of my routine.

I've just made a healthy wholegrain rice salad which will do me 4 healthy meals.
I'm sticking to special K and skimmed milk for brekkie, and a low carb, low fat, low dairy meal for lunch and dinner.

I am doing 4 sessions at the gym, 1.5hrs each too.

No slip up's, no little treats. Sunday is my day off so I'll indulge, but not in excess.

Starting Weight: 9st 10lb
Weigh In: 9st 9lb
Verdict: FAIL

Ill let you know how I get on this week, on sunday!! x

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