Sunday, 11 September 2011

My Body Trauma: Wk 2


What is wrong with me? I said i was going to do better than i did in week 1 and this week i fell off the wagon on Wednesday and have been eating awfully since then.

Yes, i feel utterly ashamed of myself, i can practically feel the disapproving looks you're all giving me -__-

I know im not going to have lost any weight this week. I will be weighing myself at the gym tomorrow.

On a positive note, tomorrow AM at early o'clock i have a Fitness Plan being made at the gym, so i'll know exactly what im supposed to be doing to lose this weight and tone up.

My baby is with her Nana tonight, so im taking the opportunity to sort out my fridge/freezer and make sure i have good food for the week, out the freezer and fresh.
This week im going to try stick to mostly protein as im going to work out quite a lot and try to lose the 2lbs i surely haven't lost this week, plus the 2lbs for the week coming.

Still awaiting my Zaggora HotPants...yes, 2 weeks after ordering and paying for 1st Class Postage. Lets not even go there, Im not amused *sigh* but obviously once they get to me i'll be doing the '2 Dress Sizes in 2 Weeks' Challenge.

So dieting amigos.....lets share tips on staying motivated!!!

"3rd week lucky??''


PS: Read the rest of my diet trials and tribs to date...My Body Trauma: Fat Pictures! and My Body Trauma: Wk1

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