Sunday, 18 September 2011

My Ink....

This is my oldest tattoo, I got it done at 16 and hid it from my mother for ages!
Its discoloured and faded now, and has a couple of stretch marks through it from having my bean, so desperately need to get it fixed. To be honest If i had the money I'd get it removed, I'm really not fond of it!

This one has a story behind it.... originally I went to get 3 blue stars on my wrist like Sienna Millers on her shoulder(above), however the guy who did it stuck the needle in to far and after a couple of week the blue bled out leaving me with a faded looking ink and a bruised looking wrist. I went to get it 'fixed' and a tattooist told me the stars would have to be black, but that she'd put a flash of pink through them.
I later got 'If I Can Dream' put above the stars (as i hated them) because it is mine and my mamas favourite song (Elvis Presley). Again, I'd get rid of this one too if I could.

This, my biggest to date run down from the base of my neck, over my shoulder to the top of my arm.
I do like it, and got it done whilst living in Portugal.
It say 'Explore, Dream, Discover' in Latin.
Very appropriate for the lifestyle i was leading at the time.
My only fault is that I wish it was slightly smaller, it looks a bit masculine so I am going to get some filigree put around it.

I also, STUPIDLY, had my then boyfriends initials tattoo'd on my ankle and got that covered up for obvious reasons.....

What ink do you have, and do you regret them?!


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