Monday, 19 September 2011

Trial: Teeth Whitening

Today at the Olympia Beauty Show we got a great deal of a teeth whitening system for £40 instead of £120.

Im going to use this system for a week and chart the results for you!

In the kit you get 1 bottle of teeth whitening solution gel, 1 colour chart, 1 booklet and 1 page of clear strips.

You apply the gel to the teeth with a cotton bud, cover with one of the clear plastic strips (or a mouth guard) and leave for 30 mins.

The Kit

My teeth before the system

During the system, wearing the clear strips over the gel

After 1 30minute session....

I absolutely promise this is done in the same room, same light, same camera and no flash on.
Quite good for only 1 half hour session eh?!

Will review fully after the 7 days lovelies


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