Monday, 19 September 2011

HOW TO: Glitter Nails

So today at Olympia, if you've read my previous post you'll know we purchased some nail glitters.
Not exactly nail glitters, Helen E Cosmetic Glitter Pots....

Here's my HOW TO on doing glitter nails....

Helen E Glitter Pots
(Benefit, Barry M and many other brands do glitter pots)

A very good base coat, I used OPI.

1. File your nails to desired length, short and square looks best for glitter nails!
2. Buff your nail bed
3. 'Squeak' the nails with nail polish to remove dust
4. Give a thick coating of base coat
5. Dip nails into the glitter pot and tap excess off
6. Using a make up brush, wipe away the extra glitter.

DO NOT cover with a top coat. Yes it will chip faster, but a top
 coat dulls the glitter and makes the nails look thick and gloopy.

The Result:

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