Thursday, 28 July 2011

Fake Tanning

I am a beauty therapist and specialise in spray tanning, so this is an area of passion for me!
I've tried and tested most of the brands out there and this is my run down of the top tans!

Remember: Shave/wax 48hrs before a tan, exfoliate&moisturise 24hrs before and an hour before tanning apply moisturiser to dry spots such as ankles, hands, elbows, wrists etc.

Firstly, apply all self tans with  tanning mitt like this one. They are a couple of quid from boots.

Best All Rounder: Fake Bake Faux Glo
This is a spray can of tan, so unless there is some drippage or over spraying you probably need to use a mitt.
This is a good all rounder as you can control how deep your tan is, but suggest it for olive skintones who are looking for a darker tan without going orange!

Best For Pregnancy: Beyond Bronze Spray
Beyond Bronze is a branch off of Fake Bake, so you're gauranteed no orange. I used this while I was pregnant, it sprays from all angles so is great for those places you can not reach like backs of knees and feet. Again, should be no need for a mitt if used properly. 

Best For Pale Skin: Famous Daves Tanning Mousse
Famous daves is great for pale skin, giving you a glow rather than a naturally unacheivable dark tan. Put on with a mitt and distribute evenly to avoid streaks.

Best Facial Tanner: He-Shi
He-Shi are an excellent tanning range and the facial tanning gel is no exception. With a hint of colour to aid application it gives you a gorgeous glow.
NOTE: He-Shi body tanning range is the BEST for people wanting a deep dark tan.

Best Celeb Tan: Laurens Way
Laurens Way is a product from TOWIE star Lauren Goodger.
Lauren always hits the nail on the head with her tan, and her own product is silky and a joy to put on and leave a gorgeous colour that seems to adapt to your skintone. Unlike some tans this was also very moisturising.

Best Spray Tan: Sienna X
If your going to indulge and let somebody else tan you, I suggest you find a tanning specialist, a la moi, who uses Sienna X Spray Tan. There are various colours to suit different skin tones and your desired tan outcome, it has a gorgeous tropical smell, and never ever goes orange.

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