Thursday, 28 July 2011

DIET: Jason Vales 7lb in 7days

review: jason vale's 7lbs in 7days juice detox

last week i embarked on the famous juice detox by the juice master jason vale, who helped katie price lose 2stone in 3months after her pregnancies.

the idea of the detox is you feed your body with all the fresh, raw nutrients from fruits and vegetables that you juice together to make your meals.

yes, it may seem extreme, but after reading the book, which you really do need to read, cover to cover before you embark on this detox, you will recognise the benefits and long term healing you are giving your body through doing this 'diet'.

you need to prepare, prepare, prepare before you do this diet. there is an extensive shopping list of fruit and vegetables, and you need to ivest in a good qaulity juicer. the book reccomends a phillips juicer, but i purchased a cheaper cookworks juicer which worked perfectly for me. the cost of fruits and veg can seem expensive but it was still cheaper than my usual weekly shop. 
after research i found that asda or tesco have the cheapest produce, but if possible try get down to a market as this works out a helluva lot cheaper!

so, to the diet! 
the 2nd day is the hardest, the 1st day youre all pumped up and ready to get started, by the second day i was slightly hungry and lacking energy.
but fear not! by the 3rd day i felt great, the juices are gorgeous and i really felt lighter, physically and mentally!

it takes a lot of willpower, but if youre willing to do it, want to look better, feel better about yourself it is an excellent detox.

during the week read jason vales turbo charge your life book, so you can prepare yourself for after the 1st 7 days and can keep the weight off for good.

however, i did the 7 day detox and lost 8lbs in total, and have adopted a healthy eating plan since and have kept it off and lost another 2lbs!

happy dieting girls!
bg x

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