Thursday, 28 July 2011

DIET: Bubye Pizza :(

this is me, weeping behind the camera, bidding a fond farewell to junk food, saturated fats, carbs, and anything else that will stick to my arse.

so, after having my wonderful, light of my life daughter, i have been horribly lazy with disasterous effect.
i still have about 1stone of baby weight to shed, and it starts tomorrow morning!

i am going to adopt a very sensible diet, and on 4th july i will be joining my local gym!

my average old diet:
breakfast- none
snack- biscuits
lunch- soup and lots of bread and butter
/white tuna sandwich
snack- biscuits/crisps/chocolate
dinner- pizza/ kebab/ mexican/ pasta

my new diet!:
breakfast- special k/ homemade juice
snack- bluieberries/pineapple slices
lunch- grilled chicken or fish salad
dinner- grilled chicken stirfry

so, at this point i weigh 9stone 10lbs and want to get done to 8stone 5-8lbs

ill weigh in every week on a thursday and let you know how im getting on!

bg x


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