Thursday, 28 July 2011

10 things i love...

1. My Daughter, understandably, more than anything in the world. is the biggest achievement of my life by far. Her beauty suprises me every day, I couldn't love anything more. Ever.

2.Lauren Moshi
My current designer crush...

3.Tattoos On Women
Proper tattoos, not piddly little things, tastefully done, weaved together, not everyones cup of tea.

4.Albufeira, Portugal
Where moved to for 4 months and fell pregnant with my daughter. The heat, the people, the lifestyle.
I miss it!

5.Kim Kardashian
One of these women that seems to have been born with more beauty than any one woman deserves.

6.Johnsons Skincare
If its pure enough for my baby, is good enough for my skin

7. My Best Friends.
For obvious reasons.

8.My Hair Extensions
Naked without them.

9.My Wedding
No, not married, but every detail of my wedding is planned  perfection....(*INSERT MAN HERE)...

10.Kurt Geiger
My favourite shoe brand.

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